tweak-barrel1Developer idea Barrel – tweak granting desktop iOS 7 -dimensional effects – is embodied in the form of a new jailbreak – ons Cylinder. In add- established Reed Vichlerom obviously huge potential. And although right now the program is much less available animation effects in the long term it is easily outshine its competitors .

Cylinder modifies the effect of turning the pages with icons on one of the preset . Now available to the program only six options . But the animation is no less impressive and effectively than the Barrel. However, in Cylinder has a unique property – any user can add a new effect using the scripting system Lua. Couple of lines of code – and your icons on the springboard screen in the most unimaginable way.

To create a new animation does not require a Mac or Xcode – you can use any text editor. Save the code in a file , you need to give it a name and upload a folder tweak on the iPhone.

Cylinder, of course, is only available on jailbroken devices.  iOS 7 hack can e used with Evasi0n 7 utilities. Detailed instructions for working with the utility is on site MacDigger for Windows and Mac OS X.

Cylinder distributed via Cydia for free. Find tweak can be found in a separate repository To add a source in Cydia, need to go to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add, specify the address of the repository , and then find updates through the development of search .

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