D8 Conference: Steve Jobs meets on the prototype of the iPhone 4G, Flash Player, and the iPad[video]


Tonight’s interview was once held open for the D8 convention prepared by way of the Wall Boulevard Journal is the chance to scroll during the clutches of excessive-tech business. That is Steve Jobs who opened the convention, interviewed through Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, answering most questions that everybody asks in the intervening time and who don’t or rarely been addressed by way of Apple.



Here are some of the topics covered during the interview:

The case of the iPhone 4 “forgotten” in a bar :

Jobs confirmed as the new version of the iPhone that was tested in real conditions. “One o
f our employees used one.
 There is debate whether he has forgotten in a bar or if it was stolen from her bag. And comment on the matter Gizmodo and explanations of the site on how things went. 
 It’s an unbelievable story in which there is theft, stolen property, extortion and I’m sure a bit of sex … it is all very colorful. Someone should make a movie ! The whole affair is very picturesque. The court dealt with and to my knowledge there is a person who makes sure they are only interested in items related to this case. I do not know how all this will end . “

The complaint against Gizmodo

” When this case occurred with Gizmodo, many people advised me to leave. I’ve thought long and have concluded that the worst thing to do would be to renounce our principles and let it go. I can not do that, I’d resign . “

About Flash and HTML5

” We choose technologies that have a future. The technology are making rounds … they have their spring, their summer, their fall, their winter, then join the graveyard of technology. If you choose wisely, you save a lot of work. We have a history in this area … We got rid of the floppy in the first iMac. We have removed the serial and parallel ports. USB is the first to arrive on the iMac. We were among the first to drop the optical drive with the MacBook Air. You should know bet on the right horse. Flash has had its day and HTML5 is the future. We asked Adobe to show
us something better, they have never done 
. “

Emails from Steve Jobs

Jobs has confirmed that he had exchanged several messages with a reporter from Gawker Media and he was surprised to see them published (read  entire truth of the matter Gizmodo and the prototype of the iPhone 4G): ” It by no means recognized as a journalist. It was once late, I used to be working and this man begins sending me nasty e-mails … and I needed again on their toes“.

About iPad

Jobs stated that the variation between the design of the iPad and that Microsoft had tried to do with the Pill PC is the truth that Apple has no longer believed within the effectiveness of an interface in accordance with the stylus. ” I understand that telling you that I believed the handwriting enter means used to be the slowest ever. We’ve got reinvented the shelf, we don’t like Microsoft. They’d an absolutely completely different means. And that has guided the entire relaxation. Used to be in keeping with their pill PC. She had the burden, autonomy and had a cursor as a PC. However the second you are taking a pen, you end up with an accuracy similar to that of a finger, you could no longer use the running device of a PC. You wish to design from scratch .

The suicide Foxconn

Jobs reiterated his remarks made past in considered one of his e-mails despatched to a consumer: ” This difficulty has our consideration. We take a look at the whole thing in these corporations. And I will let you know one or two issues I do know. Foxconn just isn’t a sweat save (“sweatshop”). It is a manufacturing facility – however my god, they have got eating places and cinemas … however it’s a manufacturing unit. However they have been suicides and suicide makes an attempt – and they have got four hundred,000 individuals there. The speed [of suicide] is decrease than that of the US, however it continues to be a priority. “

Jobs then drew a parallel with a wave of suicides that had touched his group, Palo Alto, then to conclude ” we despatched our males over there and others looking to have in mind is a scenario troublesome“.

Competitors: Android, Search Engines, …

” No, we don’t see ourselves in a struggle platform , “mentioned Jobs. ” We didn’t considered in a platform conflict with Microsoft both … That could be why we misplaced in different places. However we’re by no means regarded as in a combat of systems, we simply need to make just right merchandise. “

Mossberg requested why the connection between Google and Apple had modified because the arrival of Android. Jobs reiterated that Google had determined to come back and compete within the cell, whereas Apple has by no means tried to compete on the analysis job ” So that you aroused from sleep one morning and you have got heard of ‘Android? “Mossberg requested” someway “stated Jobs.And pressed to assert whether or not he felt betrayed and touch upon the state of his relationship with Google, Jobs dodged ” My intercourse lifestyles is very good, how’s yours? “

Concerning Chrome OS, Jobs reiterated that he relied totally on WebKit, the results of work of Apple. A WebKit utilized by Android, Nokia, Palm, RIM ” We’ve designed an actual competitor for Web Explorer, and is the primary within the cellular world“.

Steve Jobs additionally mentioned Apple had no intention of going in the marketplace analysis ” just isn’t whereas others do very smartly“. For this reason, the acquisition of Siri would produce other causes ” They aren’t in analysis, they’re in synthetic intelligence “was once
defended Jobs

Relating to rumors concerning the search engine Bing, Jobs mentioned that Apple didn’t get rid of Google’s iPhone. He didn’t specify whether or not the hunt engine could be integrated into Microsoft Cell Safari.

Apple TV

He concludes the
interview with a small message on the Apple TV, specifying that the tv trade is a long way from straightforward get entry to and most well-liked subsidize the terminal which discourages innovation on this house .
 The Apple TV continues to be the apple a passion.

This is the entire interview on video 


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J9U2xVSmos&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1]

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