iOS 10 Dark Mode concept via  iHelpBR Brazilian magazine.

Prior to the release of iOS 10 a Darkmode had acted as a new feature. But against all expectations, Apple If Microsoft does succeed, Apple can pack these apparently not integrated. As it stands, but it could be still implemented to the final version of the operating system for the iPhone 7 in the Fall as an iOS developer found out now.

On Twitter Andrew Wiik published screenshots from the iPhone emulator included in the Apple development tool Xcode. The show screens, like Apple’s iMessage Messenger and a message window will be shown in Dark Mode. As the programmer writes the Dark mode, however, is implemented system-wide.


iOS 9 already provides a Darkmode for the iBooks app, basically Apple has thus already dealt with the issue. And in iOS 10 the app is “PM” surprisingly also kept completely in Darkmode – a bright there is no alternative. Maybe Apple is testing the Darkmode therefore already “in the wild” – and expanding it to the final version to the iPhone will delete these two apps and your smartphone once a much faster. As you know the shop which Darkmode but will probably require at least one iPhone 6s. iOS 10 will appear in the Fall along with with the new iPhone. 7

(Source: Twitter [1, 2] )

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