Delete pictures permanently from your iPhone or iPad



The only advantage is that your photos in any case can not accidentally delete your device, but difficult if you want to be sure that someone she never comes to see. In the following guide, we explain why you step by step how you can permanently delete a photo from your iPhone or iPad can restore or correct.

Delete pictures permanently from your iPhone or iPad

The following guide will only work on an iPad or iPad with iOS 8 or newer, older versions do not have this functionality.

  1. Select and delete the photo (s) on your iPhone as you normally would do that.
  2. Now go back to the Photos app and select the bottom option Albums . Wipe the same hours every album until the folder you  recently removed will see and open folder.
  3. In this folder you will see exactly how many days the photo permanently from your iOS products will disappear.
  4. For the app to lend a hand, we press the button to select the top right and we select all the photos that should disappear immediately.
  5. After selecting the Remove button and you get a warning that this operation can not be undone.
  6. Select delete pictures and everything will instantly disappear from your device.Additionally, you can also apply the same method to recover photos.

The photos are normally automatically deleted after 30 days, but it simply speeds up the process. We can imagine in any case that you do not feel like having to wait another 30 days before a truly complete picture of your iOS product is gone. On the other hand, it is sometimes a useful tool because it also means that photos that have been accidentally deleted can now be replaced.

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