Dell’s Zino HD is a Candy-Colored Mac Mini Kill


The Inspiron Zino HD is also ideal as an additional household PC that can fit in
tight spaces and make home networking a cinch. It measures about 7.75 inches
square and 3.5 inches tall. While small in size, the Inspiron Zino HD is a big
performer with:

· Ultra-small form factor designed to fit almost
· Easy personalization with nine color choices for Inspiron Zino
· Choice of AMD processors or dual core Athlon Neo X2 6850e.
· Up to
8GB dual channel DDR 2 memory.
· Up to 1TB internal hard disk storage.
Combo DVD/CD RW drive with optional Blu-ray Disc combo.
· Integrated
10/100/1000 networking with wireless option.
· Optional TV tuner, wireless
keyboard and mouse.
· Built in 2.1 high-definition audio and 4-in-one media
card reader.
· Integrated ATI graphics adapter with standard HDMI and VGA
video connections, and optional 512MB discrete graphics adapter.
· Four USB
ports (2 front/2 rear); two eSATA ports (rear).
· Energy-Star 5.0

A basic Inspiron Zino without High-Definition capability or
upgrade options will be offered in some regions.

“The Inspiron Zino HD
proves again that great things can really come in small packages,” said John
Terwilliger, Director of consumer products. “It is a fashionable and functional
computer that is small enough to fit almost anywhere in the home and can be
personalized for the style-minded.”

You wouldn't want to use such a spec for editing movies or playing games, for
that we'd recommend starting with Gateway's
and adding a low-profile 3D card. You'd probably also run out of
storage space with the Zino's 250GB default hard drive sooner than you'd like.
But on a home network with another PC hosting the bulk of your media, a $500 or
so Inspiron Zino HD would likely meet all of your pre-recorded media consumption

The Inspiron Zino HD is available
today directly here  with a choice of operating systems from Windows
Vista Home Basic through Windows 7 Professional.


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