The argument between Apple and the United States Department of Justice, FBI Director James Corey claimed that the iPhone case sniper attacks in San Bernardino would be an exceptional case. Only one. And do not set a precedent, Corey assured. Now circulating new information that contradicts the statements of the director of the FBI, since they already would have presented Twelve applications to extract information of 12 more iPhones in the United States.

As in the following case of this mess, the Justice Department is asking for help to Apple by legal writings. The reason is the same, extracting data from devices that may contain (and could not be) evidence of certain crimes. This new requests show what many of us feared: that the forces of law would not stop to get extract information Phone Sniper and, more worryingly, these new cases unrelated to any terrorist act.

As I have said on occasion, the main problem here is the lack of transparency by the FBI. If the objective of the FBI’s national security, why do what they said they would do to access information unrelated to national security? If the information on the 12 “extra” applications is confirmed, it will demonstrate that the forces of law only seeking access to all our data and technology companies believe easier to hack software, which is very dangerous because malicious users also will  have easier access to information.

(Source: WSJ)

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