A new report appeared showing what might be some details of the iPhone 7 Pro with 5.5-inch screen display. According to the findings of some schemes, Apple’s next iPhone may not be as slim as it was thought until now.

Also, some rumors were circulating on the web for a while now, about Apple’s desire to remove the headphone jack in the next model of iPhone expected this fall. The reason for this choice was also dictated by the desire to create a thinner device, but a new report speaks of a story that is at odds with forecasts.

According to reports from Japanese magazine Mac Fan, some patterns and details appeared on the network show that the next iPhone 7 could, presumably, leave the headphone jack, but retain the same size of the current iPhone. Probably the setup with dual camera may take more space than imagined and then require more space for the arrangement of the internal components. Specifically it is about 7.3mm for the Plus version (or Pro, if it ever were to change the name), the same thickness of the iPhone 6s Plus.

Of course, we remember that these rumors are not necessarily correspond to reality and should always be taken with a grain of salt. This only the 5.5-inch variant rumor speak, according to the scheme appeared on the network. If there is more about the new iPhone,  we will keep you updated. Stay tuned !!!.

Source: Mac Fan (Google Translate) via Mac Otakara (Google Translate)

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