Dev Team News On the New iPad Jailbreak


According to the iPhone Dev Workforce, the long run seems to be vivid for customers who’re ready for a jailbreak of iOS 5.1 or the 1/3 era iPhone. Customers who’re planning on shopping for the brand new iPad new, it is really useful no longer replace to firmware variations more recent than the model put in on it.  A identified approach already seems to be reused.


Firstly, the method was previously used on the iPad 2, but not publicly released could be four months later still be used. This means that the hackers at least a foot in the door to have the necessary to get the  kernel dumps on the iPad 3rd generationIn addition, Stefan Esser about which exploits a jailbreak on iOS 5.1 from can be conducted, as we yesterday reported . Thereupon the iPhone Dev-Team has spoken out and has its own blog post&#
0160;published. Currently three parallel approaches are driven to break the new iPad and iOS 5.1:


  • Already reported in late October, we notify that it could successfully MuscleNerd iPad 2 is provided with a jailbreak. The then-used kernel dump was not used on public jailbreak the device and is therefore still available. This is ever more important component of a jailbreak and can be prepared by the Dev-Team for the new iPad used.
  • In parallel, the hacker known IOS Stefan Esser aka i0n1c a completely different way and was found with the help of a userland vulnerability equip the iPad 2 iOS 5.1 with a jailbreak. This exploit has been found in iOS 5 and was not fortunately closed with IOS 5.1. The images shown below Cydia iOS 5.1 on a iPad 2
  • Another jailbreak cydia repo Entwicker from the scene to work on another iPad jailbreak method for the new. The Dev team wants already, the first code snippet of the jailbreak have seen.

Through a collaboration of three different approaches could theoretically iOS 1.5 jailbreak will be implemented relatively quickly. But of course, is not known whether any one of three possible causes for an iPad 3 Jailbreak. In addition, no time frame for the publication was in prospect, to the final jailbreak could take several weeks.

 According to the iPhone Dev Team is probably a different method than that known to them. Finally, the iPhone Dev Team a glance at parts of the code of another jailbreak method under investigation is one which is closely linked to the Cydia repositories (sources) scene. Although @ pod2g is actively looking for vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1 is the attempt by the iPhone Dev Team have not counted, since his work has
not paid off for this firmware version


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