Developer outsourced subcontract job to China



Verizon discovered during an audit of its employees, as one of its developers subcontracted the duties of his position by a Chinese company, which he poured it part of his salary. Objective: take it easy at the office.

This is a case study published on the Verizon blog, but since removed, which highlights the fact that various unusual: a developer working in the business, Bob called by the report, was to outsource its work a Chinese company. The employee, however, with a forty strong luggage – 7 programming languages ​​to his credit, including – never missed a day of work and seemed to actively tackle everyday tasks. However, the main activities were limited to drag Bob Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn and eBay.

During an audit of the company, Verizon has detected strange connections to one of its VPN from China: an abnormal situation for a company based in the USA. As all employees have their own access, the company quickly identified the problematic account: that of the famous Bob, who, although as installed in its U.S. office, identified himself every day for servers firm based Shenyang.

Verizon was first thought of a malware affecting employee workstation, before discovering that it was a unusual activity at work, based on forums and social networks, with a little time in the middle of afternoon to send mails to management in order to inform about the progress of his work … done by Chinese employees. These were paid with less than a fifth of the 6-digit developer salary, which sent the data to the VPN identifications by FedEx subcontractors courier.

Although ingenious, Bob King lazy was fired from his job as a developer. What the story does not say whether Verizon nonetheless rehiring identical staff, or endured to subcontract its work to China …

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