As 9to5mac seems to tell many rumors and shows pictures about the technical details of the iPhone 5, iFixYouri have published a diagram that shows how the next iPhone leaked components can be assembled individually into the motherboard.

“iFixYouri Professional iPhone repair has put together a diagram (shown above) that puts many of the next-generation iPhone’s leaked parts into context…

..One of the biggest points to note is that many of these leaked parts fitting together nicely on the motherboard (obviously, image size aside) probably means that these parts are legitimate.”

According iFixYouri repair seems to be very striking how well the parts harmonize with each other. This could be an indication that some of the rumors in recent days and weeks could become true. While the SIM card slot apears to be smaller than its predecessors; the standard micro-SIM for the iPhone 4/4S, the new nano-SIM will probably be integrated despite not cuurently knowing the size of the motherboard. We can only hope Apple new iPhone is in production regardless of the decision of the size of the SIM on wether to have a standard Micro-SIM or nano-SIM.

Hopefully on September 12, we will be able to put all the rumors to rest: a thinner tall 4-inch design with  a resolution of 640 x 1136 , integrated with NFC, revamped processor working on the LTE network.


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