IOS-4.2-jailbreak I know most people know the difference between tethered and untethered jailbreak, but many new users know what IOS devices because hackers took care of us forget about those terms to provide a jailbreak universal.


Well, now that the landscape has changed with the arrival of iOS 4.2.1, the following lines try to understand the difference between these types of jailbreak.

Tethered Jailbreak
Basically it’s a jailbreak dependent bound. This means that each time you restart your device will fail during the boot process. So, get caught, blocked or stuck in the Apple logo.

The only way to avoid this problem is to connect the IOS device to a computer through the USB cable and then run the jailbreak tool that was originally used to jailbreak your device.

Untethered Jailbreak
Basically it’s a jailbreak without limitation, all tethered contario to jailbreak. So,your device will work as normal if it was a device with the bonus of being jailbroken for life (you can reboot, power off, then on again without major complications)

These types of jailbreak is not an option, n, or you can choose which one applies to your device, simply depends on the exploit that hackers use the tools.

Jailbreak current state of devices are:
– iPhone 3GiPhone 3G (with bootrom old) and iPod Touch 2G (Model no MC) are devices which can always jailbreak untethered type since this exploit is based on a hardware level (pwnage2)

Regardless current IOS (IOS 4.2.1) or future versions, the device will have this kind of jailbreak and found that the vulnerability is based on the hardware, a piece that can not be changed by Apple and distributed devices

– A4-processor devices (iPhone 4, 4G iPod Touch, Apple iPad and TV2) are devices which can now be done by type jailbreak tethered for life.
The current exploit, limera1n GeoHot, works at the hardware level. This means thatApple can not close with a security update included in the IOS.
By now we know that GeoHot and Chronic Dev-Team have another exploit that if you can provide the type jailbreak untethered to these devices, but has decided to keep it until Apple releases the next generation of iPhone /iPad/ iPod Touch.

– The iPhone 3G (with new botroom), iPod Touch 2(MC) and iPod Touch 3G are devices that were never able to find a kind of untethered jailbreak / tethered at the hardware level.
Provided with each update the IOS had to wait until the hackers find new vulnerability in any part of the base software and integrated applications

Surely, after reading this will wonder … then how was that previously I can jailbreak untethered to all devices?

Well, basically it was thanks to another kind of jailbreak, the userland

Userland Jailbreak
This type of jailbreak is the most easily applied to any device, but it’s also easier to be blocked by Apple with a simple software update. The userland vulnerability is based on a software level.

So what the hacker did is combine the tethered type jailbreak the userland to simulate a kind of untethered jailbreak, theoretically called “semi-tethered jailbreak“.. and all happy!

Currently, the manager of the hacker hacks userlands Comex. As in the IOS 4.1,Comex is working on another hack that will allow untethered offer a simulated Jailbreak

Therefore, the recommendations are:
– If your device iPhone is your primary means of communication, ever do a tethered jailbreak
– Wait for an official report on the availability of a new tool, or update an existing one.And others, check the type of jailbreak compatible with your device

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