DigiTimes: Apple’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2011


Apple takes over management of Nokia in the case of delivery essentially the most smartphones in 2011, international. This permits the site DigiTimes response to its analysis. A total of 462 million smartphones shipped to stores, 60 percent more than last year when the number stood at 288 million.The expectation is that this year Apple shipped 86.4 million iPhones, up 82 percent over last year.


In 2010, Apple had shipped 47.5 million iPhone's. Last year Nokia sold more than double the number of smartphones in stores: more than 100 million. The Finnish company, however, lose one quarter of its units sold this year and comes to 74.4 million smartphones shipped. A huge increase in 2011 by Samsung, which up 191.3 percent more smartphones shipped this year.With 67 million smartphones in the shops, the Korean brand also panting heavily in the neck at Nokia.

At the bottom of the market to win the Chinese phone brands Huawei and ZTE in market share in smartphones. Both mainly Android -driven phone manufacturers in the Netherlands is not well known by name, but "borrow" their products to the phones here are sold under the brand name of a provider.  

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