deactiver livephotos on your iPhone

deactiver livephotos on your iPhone

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s and have reached with a renewed front and rear cameras, as well as the new LivePhotos so that lets you convert a moment in a video photograph of three seconds. The quality of both chambers is significantly improved, reaching 12MP on the back and 5MP in the front chamber. However, some customers have reported that in low-light settings option LivePhotos has a negative impact on the quality of photography, not the case when this option is disabled. Why should this matter ?.

To take a LivePhoto, the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus  records a video at 12fps, so that exposure of the photograph may not be long enough to capture the necessary light with the intention of creating the clearest picture possible, this is due to the need to continue the video recording, therefore, exposure or ISO is quite less than allowing a normal photograph.

So, if you’re having trouble with photographs in low light situations, you may need to return the unit LivePhotos in the top bar of the application, touch LivePhotos logo turns white rather than yellow, indicating it is disabled. Immediately afterwards you will notice an increase in picture quality due to higher light capture through the lens.

Remember that this option is enabled by default, so you should disable it yourself to get the most out of the new iPhone 6s camera. However, the difference in cases of good lighting is minimal, in such cases you may be interested to have LivePhotos option enabled. It is curious that Apple has decided to stop on by default an option that shows colors to your camera.

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