Think about that your secretary spent a couple of weeks on getting her annual record prepared; and even needed to fly to New York to get the arduous power with the desired tax documentation. Rapidly the file gadget will get corrupt because of Disk Utility error, and the entire information is misplaced. Disk Drill is ready to forestall this case and prevent heaps of bucks and weeks and even months of time of re-doing the identical job! It is going to simply get well the misplaced knowledge in case of an accident.

  Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a free standalone tool for users of all levels that helps recover lost data, deleted files, and also strives to prevent unexpected data loss with the help of its own Recovery Vault technology.

CleverFiles Disk Drill offers several data recovery methods: deep scan, quick scan and recovery from its own Vault. It supports all file systems and will attempt to recover lost data even from not partitioned media including hard disks or memory cards with corrupted file system, etc. Disk Drill knows a lot of most popular formats and their binary signatures so it can find deleted data and recover it even when there's only physical (raw) access to your drive. You can easily recover your lost photos, music, documents, archives, videos and other data with the new software by CleverFiles.


Disk Drill also protects your data from unexpected damage by implementing its own Recovery Vault technology which monitors your file activity in the background and solves the problem of effective data recovery from HFS/HFS+ Mac file system. With Recovery Vault you are protected from hard disk problems, unexpected data loss due to crashes, erroneous re-partitioning, etc. More than that, Recovery Vault has absolutely no impact on your Mac's speed, as it was designed specifically to work in the way to not distract a user from his regular computer-related activities.


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