Disney+ streaming service release date and price announced


Disney+ appears to be an attractive alternative to Apple TV+. The service has many big names on board and has announced more about the content. In addition to being able to simultaneously watch Disney+ content stream on 4 different devices, it will also allow you to create up to seven user profiles. This makes Disney+ an attractive alternative to Netflix, which costs more than a month and requires to pay extra for 4K. Moreover, with the Netflix basic subscription, you can only stream SD content for $8.99 and $15.99 for 4K.

Release Date
Disney+ streaming service release date will vary by region. The official launch will be November 12, 2019, in the United States and will support the iOS TV app and Apple TV.

Disney Plus will have a launch price of $7 per month, $70 per year. This price is the one set in the United States, but it is not yet known

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