Display Comparison Between The iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 4



DisplayMate Technologies experts conducted a comparative analysis of the representatives of the current display line tablet iPad: iPad mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. All three LCD-panel were rated “excellent”, but a compact model iPad mini 4 was given the status of a gadget with the best screen .

Comparable models have demonstrated similar performance maximum brightness. Result iPad Air 2 was 415 nits, iPad Pro – 424 nits, iPad mini 4 – 450 nits. In terms of the accuracy of the contrast was the best large-format iPad Pro (1631), and the test for color accuracy – iPad mini 4.

The iPad mini 4 has a very impressive Absolute Color Accuracy with Average/Maximum Color Errors of 1.9 and 4.2 JNCD – tied for first place in Absolute Color Accuracy with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The iPad Pro is somewhat less accurate, but still (just barely) Very Good, with Average/Maximum Color Errors of 2.6 and 6.6 JNCD. The iPad Air 2 has noticeably lower Absolute Color Accuracy with Average/Maximum Color Errors of 3.9 and 8.8 JNCD, which are visually noticeable and could be unacceptable for some color critical applications (like medical imaging, high-end digital photography, product sales demonstrations, and advertising proofs, for example).

DisplayMate: Displays iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 not up to the quality of iPad Mini 4

In tests DisplayMate 12,9-inch display with a resolution of iPad Pro in 2732 x 2048 pixels, oddly, lost to display Microsoft Surface Pro 4, the color accuracy of which was rated as “excellent”. However, despite some negative moments, experts DisplayMate iPad Pro display placed in the category of “high.” The level of reflectivity of the screen iPad Pro (2,6%) ahead of Surface Pro 4 (5.6%). The record in this area turned out to display iPad mini 4 by a factor of 2%. Indicator iPad Air 2 was 2.5%. (Source DisplayMate)

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