DisplayMate Claims The iPhone 7 Has The Best LCD Display On A Mobile Phone



Since the official presentation of Apple, the iPhone 7 and its accessories they have been the subject of several articles, especially regarding the disappearance of audio mini jack connector, and performance. As for the latter, it is clear that we will have no problem using it, but many question if we really are to live up to its price.

Now, according DisplayMate (a group of professionals and global leaders in analysis of video quality and screen), the iPhone screen 7 is the best they could try to date on all mobile phones, representing a great improvement over the iPhone 6, further breaking several records for performance of screens.

Internal noise disturbs us, micro-abrasions in the new iPhone 7 Jet Black are some of the fears that are having new owners of an iPhone 7. Yes, the truth is that we all care about but do not think that, at least on the subject noises processor, Apple later to give an explanation and / or solution. Yes, despite reports of the first problems with the iPhone 7 this, it is being a bestseller. It is quite difficult to get today one in Madrid and I say that it is almost impossible task.

And is that we all like to release a device, and no, it is not a new iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 hides many more things than we think. We saw the benchmark results, some pretty incredible results because Apple has very few devices that exceed the power of this new device. And now, refrain anti-Apple users, a new test: the iPhone 7 has the best LCD market. Do not tell us, DisplayMate analysts say.

DisplayMate is a company that year after year is dedicated to value all displays on the market, from professional to amateur screens screens, and these vary according to the characteristics they have. The results say the iPhone screen 7 gets the best color accuracy (keep in mind that the viewing angle greatly affects this and the iPhone 7 gets the best result), the best brightness, better contrast with light environmental, and lower screen reflections between all screens of smartphones of the moment.


If we analyze numbers, the brightness of the iPhone screen 7 reaches 602 cd / m2 nits (important when we are with the device in bright environments), the palette is typical of a 4K monitor, the contrast ratio ( difference between the brightness from white to black) is 1762, and reflections from the screen have a percentage of 4.4% (iPad Pro reaches 1.7% thanks to its anti-reflective coating). Data that astonish, I know that the iPhone will never come to data that can provide a professional monitor but to be the screen of a device like an iPhone is not bad …

(Source: DisplayMate)

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