As an Apple lover and an AT&T customer, I never thought anything would come close to the
iPhone.  However, as many of my family members have increasingly got on to Verizon’s network, I noticed that my cousin – the daughter of a Verizon salesman, had the Droid phone the day it was released.

If I had to say one word in my review of Verizon’s new phone that uses the Google Android operating system, I would simply say – Amazing.   The technology present in this phone is enough for me to at least consider switching to Verizon ‘s services.

The thing that makes the Droid better than the iPhone in my eyes is that it is capable of supporting corporate email.  While the Apple has the same capabilities, it was very hard for my company’s IT department to get Apple’s features running for my bosses’ iPhone.

Those that wonder about applications and watching YouTube videos will be pleased to know that Verizon’s Google phone, the Droid, has over 12,000 applications available and is fully integrated
with most Google technology, including Gmail.  You can run more than one application at a time (not possible on the iPhone) and the Droid also features a physical keyboard (also not available on the iPhone).

All in all, those in the market for a new phone can purchase the Droid for $199.99 with a 2 year contract or you can  get it here for $149

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