Dolphin web browser comes to the iPhone


The title Dolphin shouldn’t be unknown amongst&#a hundred and sixty;Android owners. The web browser is quite popular on the platform, something that is due to its unique controller. Certain gestures give you exactly what you want to do, so you rarely need to press specific buttons. MoboTap browser developer has now released for the iPhone. Dolphin offers unique control in addition the necessary features that make it a nice alternative to Safari.


You can own Dolphin finger movements allowed to certain websites.Would you as easy to browse ihelplounge, then draw an i and you associate it with our website address. When you sign this letter on the field sweeps, and you recognize that Dolphin linked. It is also possible to link to such a motion changing a page or open a new tab. Convenient as this do not have to priegelen with small buttons or URLs.

By from right to left displays a toolbar on the right side of your screen. This allows your web pages to use the full screen, download and manage new set finger movements. Browser Extensions, you here in the Android version usually find are unfortunately absent. Probably it was too hard to it through Apple's App Store policies going to get. A sweep from left to right gives you access to your favorites, which as expected to the left of the screen.


A Twitter button next to your browser bar lets you easily find pages share via social media. Press it and you get a page where you can type a message. The link is here shortened added. Although you would think the key is limited to Twitter, it is also possible to use this page to put things on Facebook. Dolphin also offers tabs, a feature that we often see reflected in alternative browsers for the iPhone.

Download: Dolphin (free)



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