DoS assault Vulnerability present in iPhone four and iPhone 3GS Broadcom chip



The iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch(2008) and iPad 2 and older smartphones from Samsung and HTC prove a vulnerability to contain . This makes it possible for attackers to Wi-Fi off. The problem lies in the Broadcom chips in the older smartphones and even in cars like the Ford Edge is used. This is equipment which Broadcom chipsets BCM4325 and BCM4329 are used, a total of 34 devices.

Via a denial-of-service attack vulnerability to misuse. Broadcom is aware of the problem and has developed a solution, but it depends on the manufacturers to make available to end users.

Most devices such as Samsung and HTC are no longer active with updates. At Apple is fortunately not the case, because the iPhone 3GS still appear Updates The vulnerability is initially no major risks with it. But it is annoying when you suddenly no more data over Wi-Fi networks can send or receive until the attack lasts.Furthermore, the unit will continue to operate normally. The discoverers have the proof-of-concept code published and warn, however, that the bug in the future could be abused for more serious things. “We’re not sure if we private data of the user can retrieve, but we dive into it,” said Andres Blanco, one of the researchers from Core Security .

The BCM4325 chipset embrace use in vehicles, digital cameras, digital photograph frames, gaming units, laptops, moveable audio gadgets, printers, and naturally in smartphones.

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