Downgrade the Baseband 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 and Unlock the iPhone 4


With iOS 5 Apple has now not simplest closed the hole for a untethered jailbreak, but additionally to liberate the "SIM interposer safety hole," with which it used to be that you can think of, the iPhone four by way of a sim-Gevey simlock.For individuals who had been taking part in relatively usually via iTunes iOS 5, has additionally upgraded the baseband to model 04.eleven.08 and in this case fighting the iPhone four with  Gevey-Sim unlock. 

With this tutorial I will show you how to get the baseband 04.11.08 (iOS 5) to 04.10.01 (IOS 4.3.5) downgraded! 

How To Downgrade Baseband 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 on iPhone 4:

What you will  need: 

First , as mentioned above, you need the IOS software 4.3.5 and the program TinyUmbrella. Both of you, you can easily download the internet.

Second Connects your iPhone with your computer and then starts TinyUmbrella, select your device, and presses on the "Advanced".


Step 1: Download and install iTunes 10.4 or earlier. You will need to remove iTunes 10.5 first.

Step 2: Download iOS 4.3.5 IPSW for iPhone 4(Link given above)

Step 3: Put your device into DFU mode .

Enter DFU mode by following these steps:

  • Hold Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds
  • Now release the Power button but continue holding the Home button for 10 more seconds
  • You device should now be in DFU mode

Step 4: Connect to iTunes and it will say that your device is in recovery mode and needs to be restored.

Step 5: Go ahead and click shift+restore (Windows) or option+restore (Mac). Select the IPSW you just downloaded.

Step 6:  iTunes will verify with Apple server and begins restoring your device. Once completed you will need the official SIM card to activate it. You can use TinyUmbrella to confirm that you now have baseband 4.10.01.

Note: I've tried all the self and it worked wonderfully. However, we do not know how long does this method still! 

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