Download the new iOS 7 wallpaper for iPhone and iPod touch


Scheduled for September 18, Apple issued a remaining check construct of the brand new iOS 7 in Gold Master, which was made available a few hours after the presentation of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. GM-assembly is the latest version of iOS 7 released with two goals ultimate refinement of applications for the newfirmwareand search for the last unresolved errors. Practice shows that the operating system in the Gold Master status are identical to the final release, the intended wide range of users. The public version of iOS 7 will be available for download on Wednesday September 18. In addition to iOS 7 GM features 27 new ringtones and 12 audio alerts have been added dozens of new background images. Static wallpaper for iPhone and iPod touch you can download below.

Wallpaper-iOS-7-33 Wallpaper-iOS-7-32 Wallpaper-iOS-7-31 Wallpaper-iOS-7-30 Wallpaper-iOS-7-29 Wallpaper-iOS-7-28 Wallpaper-iOS-7-27 Wallpaper-iOS-7-26 Wallpaper-iOS-7-25 Wallpaper-iOS-7-24 Wallpaper-iOS-7-23 Wallpaper-iOS-7-22 Wallpaper-iOS-7-21 Wallpaper-iOS-7-20 Wallpaper-iOS-7-19 Wallpaper-iOS-7-18 Wallpaper-iOS-7-17 Wallpaper-iOS-7-16 Wallpaper-iOS-7-15 Wallpaper-iOS-7-14 Wallpaper-iOS-7-13 Wallpaper-iOS-7-12 Wallpaper-iOS-7-11 Wallpaper-iOS-7-10 Wallpaper-iOS-7-9 Wallpaper-iOS-7-8 Wallpaper-iOS-7-7 Wallpaper-iOS-7-6 Wallpaper-iOS-7-5 Wallpaper-iOS-7-4 Wallpaper-iOS-7-3 Wallpaper-iOS-7-2 Wallpaper-iOS-7-1

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