IPaGod IModzone the team that created the application ipa God to install cracked applications without having to jailbreak the devices Kale is to make available the source code of the application. It would use a loophole that would create some system files. The vulnerability exploited was deliberately left open so that Apple can use it for its own testing of app
lications. The procedure can only run from a Mac, since it is essential to use XCode for the operation. Here is a step by step guide:


Step 1. Launch Terminal and run these commands:

  • curl-O http://download.imodzone.net/ipagod/CrappStore.zip
  • unzip-o CrappStore.zip-d “/ Developer / Platforms / iPhoneOS.platform / Developer / Library / Xcode / Project Templates / Application /”

Step 2. Cracked download an application on your preferred network

  • Rename the extension. Ipa. Zip and unzip the zip
  • Inside the resulting folder, find the file ending in. App, then copy it to your desktop.
  • Rename the file extension. App in. Ipa

Step 3. Open Xcode, launch a new project, and give him the name of the application.

Step 4. Move on. Ipa in the xcode project created in the previous step. Then click ” Build “then” Build and Archive “and then wait until the compilation.

Step 5. Find your compiled application in your project folder, then click ” Share” then ” Distribute For enterprise “.
A new menu appears, then enter:

URL : the path to your application (eg http://your_website.com/ipa/App_name.ipa)
Title : The name of the impletation
Subtitle : optional
The path of the application icons included in the IPA (eg http://your_website.com/images/image_name.png)

Then click “OK” and another menu will come to save the application (IPA and file. Plist will be saved).

6. Edit the file. Plist with the new information and upload it to your server with. Ipa

Download  ipa God  for your device

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVT6l-ReGUY&fs=1&hl=en_US]

Disclaimer Be aware: We at iHelplounge.com don’t reinforce or promote piracy in anyway. This text is solely for informational functions simplest. When you like an app, then please toughen the developer through shopping for the app from the App Retailer.

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