Apple as of late formally launched the iOS 5 these days for iOS customers. The free replace brings the iOS firmware by means of Apple greater than 2 hundred new options together with an up to date notification gadget, Twitter integration and the potential for a brand new iOS software configuration with out iTunes (PC Free). Extra concerning the new options, necessities and the replace course of which you can learn on this article.



The new iOS version must apply directly through iTunes, just bear in mind here is that the iTunes version 10.5 must be present.The long-awaited version of iOS is probably the biggest update that Apple published in its history and includes over 200 different features.The build number (9A334) is expected to be the same as that of the post-event to the developers distributed Golden Master.

Supports the following devices (direct download links) are:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 4 GSM
  • CDMA iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2 WiFi
  • iPad 2 GSM
  • iPad 2 CDMA
  • iPod touch 3
  • iPod touch 4
  • AppleTV 2 (4.4 Build 9A334v)

Top new features

Top ten new features of iOS 5 in previous articles have extensively discussed, but we list them again shortly before you.

Message center with new notifications and widgets
Ios5-notifications-250x119Apple iOS 5 features a new interface for notifications (or messages), which is now a strip at the top of the screen. Also new is the message center that you can pull down every app. Here you will find such missed calls, text messages, emails and future appointments from your calendar back and widgets for weather forecasts or stock quotes to consult to keep. Messages
are also displayed on the screen when you access iOS device “locked” is.

Twitter integration into system-wide
Ios5-twitter-250x176iOS 5 has Twitter integration throughout the system. If you iOS the log of your Twitter account is specified, you can tweet directly from the standard applications Camera, Photos, Maps, Safari, YouTube and tweet. Images are published through Twitter’s own graphics department ( If you’ve set your Twitter account, you in applications that use the API you special informatio
n not re-enter, but you can just approve applications similar to the way you consent to location data. Recently released updates to add this functionality to Tweetbot and the official Twitter app .

iMessage: Apple’s own alternative to WhatsApp
Ios5-imessage-250x214Apple introduces iOS 5 iMessage, a message service for free and unlimited messages (pictures, videos and contacts) between iOS users to send.It is similar to ping chat, WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger. The functionality is integrated into the standard Messaging app that lets you have SMS and MMS messages could be sent. iMessage has many options like read receipts, synchronize them cha
t automatically synchronized with other devices and it is even possible to send messages to non iMessage-users, the app searches yourself or someone iMessages can receive and otherwise it is an SMS, MMS or e-mail sent. More about iMessage please see our detailed article on iMessage .

Safari Reader button and reading list for articles to read later
Ios5-safari-250x133Safari in iOS 5 with a new Reader button in the URL bar to the one shown stripped of all non-relevant content such as images, banners, navigation lists and only the formatted text displays, which you can then easily change the font size. This includes the new reading list which items you want to save you later. The reading list.

Memories (Reminders) task list integrated in IOS
Ios5-reminders-250x119There have been many-to-do apps, but Apple has decided to create its own app called Memories (English: Reminders) to integrate into IOS May.With memories you can make lists of things you want to remember. You may recall an item on a specific day or give you depart or arrive at a particular location, such as your work or home address.

Improvements in the Camera and Photos application
Ios5-camera-250x153now get immediate access from the screen to access the camera application. For this all you need double-click the Home button, then lower right a camera icon appears. If you tapped this go directly to the camera application sent, regardless of whether your device has an access code. If this happens you have pictures and videos, but not all the photos and videos. From the Movies application you can edit photos. For example you can rotate photos automatically enhance, remove red eye and cropping.

Improvements in Mail
, the Mail application, the required improvements at the bottom. In addition to extensive support for icloud is now possible to format text (bold, italic and underlined) in your text to jump. Names you can by dragging the Aanveld for example, the BCC field to move. You can also highlight important messages, email folders, add, delete and search the content of messages.

Free PC and wirelessly synchronize and back up
Ios5-pcfree-250x143where you previously needed iTunes to a new iOS device into operation, from IOS can 5 without the software, Apple also called Free PC. You do your iPhone, iPod touch or iPhone no longer get to connect with the included USB cable. But the idea goes further than that.
Many things that you normally need for a computer you did in iOS 5 just to make your iOS device. This is the case for adding and deleting calendars and email folders and the (easy) photo editing.

If your iDevice to sync with iTunes still, you can now wirelessly via Wi-Fi. This requires your Mac / PC exists on the same network as your iOS device. It is also possible to wirelessly back up (back) to iTunes or to icloud. Learn more about iCloud found in your file. Part of Free PC is the ability to wirelessly update IOS now known as OTA updates. Because this functionality in iOS 4 is missing, you still own iOS 5 via iTunes update, future updates will wirelessly (via Wi-Fi or 3G) to install and are also considerably smaller than full firmware updates.

Game Center
Game Center has also undergone some improvements, such as suggestions for new friends based on games you play and people you already know. You can find new games from Game Center and see your scores. Plus you can personalize your profile with a profile picture.

Ios5-kiosk-250x119For lovers of magazines and newspapers, Apple has something new, the digital newspaper and magazine kiosk, or “Kiosk” (English: Newsstand).Magazines and newspapers that you buy in the App Store automatically appear in the kiosk, which then ensures that each new edition is automatically downloaded.

What do I need

For iOS 5 to qualify, you’ll first need a suitable device. The update is available for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2 and the third and fourth generation iPod touch. Users with an iPhone 3G or iPod touch to the elderly without iOS 5 set.

IOS 5 to be able to install iTunes, you also need 10.5, on Tuesday as a free download has been released. Besides support for IOS 10.5, iTunes 5 new features like syncing with iTunes over Wi-Fi and the ability to play music and apps on another Mac / PC or iOS device purchased to download automatically.

Before you install iOS 5 is recommended for your iOS device to perform a full backup to perform.This happens automatically when your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iTunes connect, but can also manually in iTunes, right-click “Back Up” button.

How do I install iOS 5

IOS-updatingIf you have any of the aforementioned devices and iTunes has 10.5 installed, you can update iTunes to iOS 5. For this pair your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with a USB cable to iTunes and click in the list of your machine to “Check for Update”. Then follow the steps on screen.Optionally, you can choose to completely erase your device and then install iOS 5.
To do this choose “Repair” in the same screen.

If you have a beta of iOS 5 and last week released the Golden Master (GM) is running, you can not simply update as iOS 4 users can. Apple has not disclosed how beta and GM-users can update to the final version. Apple has the GM of iOS 5 is not available to developers as an OTA update. The GM in terms of build number in any case identical to the final version of the software update and is therefore generally not necessarily required immediately. iOS 5 beta and 5 iOS GM anyway users can restore to the final version of iOS 5 with the “Restore” button in iTunes.


Here’s a video of Apple iOS 5:


The ten most important functions I have summarized in a brief review again:

1st The new notification system

The new app “Notification Center” will revise the notification system in iOS 5 completely and many desired features can be seen in it. The Notification Center can call her in any situation, and (from top to pull the finger down the screen) only by a wiping gesture.In the Notification Center you get an overview over all your notifications.Furthermore, the notifications are displayed on your screen spear, so you always have an overview of your iPhone.In addition, incorporated in the Notification Center widgets, such as a weather widget.In the future the various jailbreak developer additional widgets for the Notification Center will create and disseminate via Cydia.

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