The experience hosted by using Fb didn’t convey the a lot-rumored Fb Telephone, however a brand new replace of its widespread cellular software for Android and iOS four.2This new model of Fb for Android and iPhone brings the next information:


– Unified Session: If you already have Facebook application to your mobile phone and have other applications that require authentication based on Facebook, they are automatically and logeadas. – “Login with Facebook”


– It’s open Places API so that developers can build on it geolocation solutions

– It has improved applications for Android and the iPhone, now incorporates Grous, Places, upload photos. New Facebook for iPhone


– From Deals can get notifications of discounts in retail outlets visited
Note: There are Facebook applications for the iPad, according to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, “the iPad’s not mobile … it’s a computer.

The New Facebook application for the iPhone is available in the App Store and the Android Market for Android

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