Mozilla has released Firefox desktop browser 20, which have been added to increase security for users, as well as new opportunities for developers Functions, including support for HTML5 and getUserMedia to use cameras and microphones. Members Android, in turn, were supported by economical processors ARMv6. The release of a new version of the web browser Mozilla operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is timed to the 15th anniversary of the company.

One of the major improvements Firefox 20 was the ability to selectively turn on Private Browsing, which can now be connected to one particular tab or online session. When you work in the private browsing Firefox does not keep browsing history, search history, download history and history of web forms. Also not stored cookies and temporary Internet files.According to the developer, this feature is useful when the user is working with a variety of websites and it is necessary to connect to, for example, to a system of online banking. At the same time, the company warned that the Private Browsing – is extremely customer protection, it does not protect against surveillance, traffic at the router or system keyloggers.

In addition, the Mozilla Firefox 20 unify all developer features in one item of the system menu, which makes it easier to navigate the service capabilities of the browser.

Firefox got 20 and extended support specifications WebRTC, particularly getUserMedia, allowing programmers to write functions to connect the camera or microphone. In terms of HTML5, browser has received support regimes Canvas Blend Mode, lets you render a different background effects HTML5-scenes.

And the developers say that the Android-version of the browser was supported work on low-power processors ARMv6 and now can run on smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Next, HTC Aria, HTC Legend, Samsung Dart, Samsung Galaxy Pop, and Samsung Galaxy Q.

Download Firefox 20 for Mac OS X [ link ] 
Download Firefox 20 for Windows [ link ] 
Download Firefox 20 for Linux [ link ]

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