Google Play Store APK  5.1.11 , which fixes bugs and some minor improvements, is now available to download, in fact, if you go into Google Play, click on the three horizontal stripes from top left, go to Settings and drag the menu to the bottom tapping version of the compilation it is likely that you put that version 5.1 is available to download .

However, although the update will still appear, do not worry, because at the end of this article we leave downloading the APK version. Following the latest version of Google Play, Android engineer, Kirill Grouchnikov mentioned through his Google+ page on some of the new features that come with this new version, as a page dedicated to my account.

He said:

Coming soon to your Android device(s). The latest release of Play Store has full-height drawer, real-time card shadows on L+, consistent visuals and scrolling in My Apps and a brand new My Account page. The rest you’ll need to hunt down on your own

The new page My Account will allow us to easily add new credit cards, redeemable gift card codes, credit buy Google Play and attach our PayPal account. We also show the history of our orders, including devices from which these requests have been made through Google Play.

In terms of navigation, we were presented with a greater utilization of the height, which means that the entire panel will slide out, not just partially as above. Grouchnikov also says that we will see real-time shadows on Android 5.0 Lollipop and more consistency in terms of visuals and movement.

There are other features, but touch us discover them installing and using the Google Play Store 5.1.11 application that we leave in APK format below. Once instaléis hope your opinions.

Download Google Play 5.1.11. [MIRROR]

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