Google this weekend, started to distribute an update of the Play Store. Version 5.2 contains so much more user-relevant innovations in the teardown reveals, however, some views of upcoming features. Nevertheless, we have the APK for download.
After more than two months since version 5.1 of the Play Store learns something attention from Mountain View – in the form of an additional updates. However, this does not change the surface even added new functions of the distribution app. However, the colleagues of Android Police have the APK file thoroughly dissected and various indications of possible changes in the near – future discovered – or far.

In the Assets of the youngest Play Store updates can be found such as snippets in the code that may indicate a revised details page for apps. Except for the internal designation within the debug options, no further information on the “Details Page V2” are shown.

<checkboxpreference android:title=”&lt;strong&gt;@string/details_page_v2_title&lt;/strong&gt;” android:key=”details_page_v2″ android:summaryon=”@string/details_page_v2_on” android:summaryoff=”@string/details_page_v2_off”></checkboxpreference>

<string name=”details_page_v2_off”><strong>Details Page V2 disabled</strong></string>
<string name=”details_page_v2_on”><strong>Details Page V2 enabled</strong></string>
<string name=”details_page_v2_title”><strong>Details Page V2</strong></string>

Companies may soon host their own apps
Far more interesting is there already, the reference to proprietary apps in the Play Store. As can be seen in the found string of code, companies could soon be able to upload their own applications that are only available to employees. Already last update showed a glimpse into the APK that Google was working to allow companies to acquire app licenses for employees in the pack.

<string name = “enterprise_externally_hosted_application”> This app is hosted by your company. It has not been scanned by Google, and May only be installable while you are connected to your company network or VPN. </ String>

By specially hosted applications, the Group this step is from Mountain View consistently to make Android more attractive for other companies. Because that updates can still be distributed comfortably and easily via the Play Store, while the application is traceable private and only for employees. Apple has this kind of options have been integrated in the app store for some time, was consequently time that Google follows.

In addition, it seems to have continued to work on the impending system for credits. In December, the first indications Then were sighted. In this update to version 5.2 plus various icons are included: Thus are credits for a product in a particular sector in the Play Store, so associated with about apps, music, movies and the like, an individual icon. With credits that include multiple products, the last icon, meanwhile, could come to fruition.

“Are you satisfied with Google Play?” – Polls are accumulating
In addition, entries indicate the assets out for an early survey system within Play Store. The user is asked a question to the user experience in the Play store it according to reports here and there spontaneously. This can be either answer or reject a nutshell.

<string name=”content_description_decline_survey”>Decline survey</string>
<string name=”survey_completed_toast”>Thanks for your feedback!</string>
<string name=”survey_prompt_subtitle_search_results”>Please rate these results</string>
<string name=”survey_prompt_subtitle_survey”>Answer a quick question</string>
<string name=”survey_prompt_title_improve”>Help improve Google Play</string>
<string name=”survey_prompt_title_improve_short”>Help us improve</string>
<string name=”survey_prompt_title_play”>Satisfied with Google Play?</string>
<string name=”survey_prompt_title_search_results”>Satisfied with these results?</string>Country code override – only for Googlers.

Also included in version 5.2, however less relevant for our kind, is the possibility of the Play Store vorzugaukeln an incorrect location. This function has been allegedly implemented only for test purposes for Google employees and on top of that is only accessible via the debug options. Furthermore, an authorized Google account is required to use, as the error message in the screenshot.

<preference android:title=”@string/debug_play_country_override_title” android:key=”play_country” android:summary=”@string/debug_play_country_override_summary”></preference>

<string name=”debug_play_country_override_current”>Current Play Country override: %1$s</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_entry_prompt”>Enter a valid two character country code:</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_failure”>Failed to retrieve playCountryOverride from the DFE. Ensure you are using an authorized debug account.</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_none”>No override</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_summary”>Set the Play Country override</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_title”>Play Country override</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_update_failed”>Unable to update your Play Country override</string>
<string name=”debug_play_country_override_update_success”>“Your new Play Country: %1$s”
The app will now restart</string>

The update to version 5.2 brings little new to the end user. However, Google could have tightened a few screws under the hood, which is why we offer the APK file for manual download. For this, first the installation of “unknown” or “uncertain source” must be allowed in the security settings of the android. The APK file is signed by Google, so the updates continue to arrive regularly.

Download Google Play Store APK 5.2.12 from here

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