Google launches new Play Store update, version 5.4.12, which is 24 bytes more than the previous update 5.4.11. We have not found anything remarkable in the update, last week launched Google Play Store version 5.4.11 which followed the previous 5.4.10 brought transparent notification bar in the pages of applications.

What’s new in Google Play Store 5.4.12 APK?

The new version of Google Play Store APK, version 5.4.12. A few days ago we received only update to version 5.4.11, and now we move on to the next with very slight changes in it. Not yet revealed the full list of changes that have taken place in Play Store, and though they seem very numerous or significant that does not mean that Google does not hide some ace up his sleeve.

  • Minor changes.
  • Improvements in Material Design.

So far we have not found significant changes in the Play Store; which, as we said before, does not mean that Google does not surprise us with a new tool shortly. We will continue waiting for the official list of improvements and while, if ye have done with the new version, have you noticed any improvement ? Drop us a comment below.

NOTE: Google Play Store 5.4.12 is compatible with Android v2.3 or later and can be downloaded from here.

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