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Google Play. store

Google launches a new Play Store update, version 5.5.8, with changes in application tabs and film and television. A great innovation that will help us do with applications that fit our needs. The second notable change is animation film and television series, which so far is only noticeable on devices with Android Lolipop.

NOTE: Google Play Store 5.5.8 is only compatible with Android v2.3 or higher.

Play Store 5.5.8 features:

  • Play store version: 5.5.8
  • Update: 05/04/2015
  • Size: 10.98 MB (11,511,125 bytes)
  • File name:
  • Android Version: Android 2.3 or higher

Download 100% safe, APK file analyzed and tested in our devices by expert team on Android system. You can download Google Play Store 5.5.8 in APK from link below. So far we have not found any more changes in version 5.5.8 and you have you noticed any improvement or change? Leave a comment below.

Download Google Play Store APK version 5.5.8 from here

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