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The Play Store is receiving the update 5.6.6, which as we will introduce very few modifications. It goes to only change the layout of some pop-up dialog box, such as, for example, what comes out leaving a review under an application.

Google Play already exist in many applications  but to date there is no control or minimum quality for this kind of content, which since last we know it will change thanks to the Designed for Families program, and and will appear soon.

The Google Play store and is being updated to version 5.6, particularly to 5.6.6, and its lines of code new features that Google is probably on Thursday officially announced during the keynote of Google I/O is displayed and hidden 2015.

<string name=”family_safe_search_result_title”>Family-friendly results</string>
<string name=”no_family_safe_results_for_query”>No family-friendly results found for “<g id=”query”>%1$s</g>”.</string>
<string name=”parent_guide”>Parent Guide</string>
Authentication is always required for purchases through Google Play within apps designated for ages 12 and under.

On the lines of code we see there will be a filter to find applications and games designed for children and parents, a guide for parents and applications for children under 13 years will be required to enter the password for all purchases even if we set than ever we ask for the password.

The program Designed for Families Google wants quality applications for children who meet the legal obligations on advertising aimed at minors and may not use the Log function with Google+ or services Google Play games as a form of logon, and that minors do not have an account on Google. Approved applications for Google Play Play show badge family.

Applications must be classified as for everyone or for over 10 years according to the system board Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) or have an equivalent rating.

If your application Designed for Families program displays ads, you must confirm the following:

  • Meet the legal obligations regarding advertising aimed at minors.
  • The ads at children are not related to the remarketing or with interest-based advertising.
  • The ads at children have content that corresponds to the classification of application content.
  • The ads are shown to children about the format requirements of ads Designed for Families program.

You must accurately describe the interactive elements of the application in the questionnaire content ratings, including the following information:

  • If users can interact with the content or exchange information
  • If the application share personal information provided by users to third parties
  • If the application shares the physical location of the user with third parties

Applications aimed at children can not use the Log function with Google+ or services Google Play games as a way to login.

Also new in Google Play Store 5.6 is the improved interface for earlier versions of Android. As reported by Google worker Kirill Grouchnikov, now in all versions of Android and parts of the application it will show the same design in the dialogs.

Download Google Play Store 5.6.6 APK

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