Google Play Store to upgrade to a new version, we bring you the APK file and all its changes. The Google Play Store always makes us the same. It is updated to a new version, and the next day get updated! Yesterday we received the APK file from version 5.7.6 of the Google Play Store, and today Google does it again and pulls out a new update that brings us to the world to version 5.7.10 largest Android market. And what change may have occurred from one day to another?Read on to find out! More big changes, version 5.7.10 settles and consolidates the changes implemented by the version 5.7.6. For those who do not remember what brought us the latest version of the Play Store, it implemented a new design for the News section where you can see changes i Play Store underwent.

Changes in Play Store

The Google Play Store has undergone major changes over the years. We will give an overview of the most important.

  • The first we find is the version 5.1.11, released in January and brought great changes; including an update for Google Newsstand, design changes and the My Account section, where users can from now manage payment or view order history.
  • After 5.1.11, the next to bring significant changes was the version 5.4.10: just over a month ago, Google took away the notification bar of the Play Store, which became transparent.
  • With version 5.4.11, Google renewed Material Design and made a few improvements in performance.

We are now at version 5.7.10 and many things have changed.

Download Google Play Store APK version 5.7.10 from here.

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