ios 10 beta 1

ios 10 beta 1

The development of iOS 10 continues, after the official release of iOS 10 for all audiences, Apple is constantly improving its different versions of the software with new tryouts since Apple has decided to launch officially the first beta version of IOS 10.1.

Although we do not know all the news of this new version, Apple wanted to continue troubleshooting system failures for better security in our devices, and improve the user experience with this new version.

The launch occurred a week after the launch of the official version of iOS 10, two weeks after the Golden Master. A little surprised that the new version is a beta of IOS IOS 10.1 and not 10.0.2 or something similar. It is assumed that the versions that change the first decimal are major updates including important new medium, so it is possible that some interesting surprise appears.

The new beta has a weight of 1.6GB on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, which makes us think that there is an update to fix the first problems we have been experiencing with iOS 10. Most likely reach 10.1 iOS officially within a couple of months, while in less time should get other updates to fix bugs as the problem with the Lightning controls EarPods or signal loss when disconnecting the airplane mode on an iPhone 7.

You can download the beta firmware via OTA or simply go to Settings > General > Software Update. Keep in much that this is a developers version

As we always say, we do not recommend installing this or any other software being tested by potential dangers we can face, especially if we consider that iOS 10, the version that includes major developments, recently that it has been officially launched. Of course, if you test this beta of iOS 10.1, do not hesitate to leave your experiences in the comments.

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