Considering how it has been in other years, we can not say that we have been surprised. Apple has released shortly after finishing the keynote in which presented the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, among other things, the first “final” version of iOS 10 ie iOS 10 Golden Master, meaning the final version that Apple released to developers to install the new version before non-developers.

If you had installed the developer profile we published three months ago and that Apple was commissioned to phase the network will be able to install the Golden Master smoothly. If you are using the public version will have to wait for next week. The official launch of iOS 10 is scheduled for Tuesday September 13.

iPhone_MessagesFSE_PR-PRINTAlthough Apple can still take advantage of the extra week to fix a problem, this time we will not say that we do not recommend installing iOS 10 Golden Master because we can find any problems. It is likely that the official version correct something, but the logical thing is that the version that was just released is the same as that launched next week. For this not so, the Cupertino would have to find a major flaw in this latest version.

As you can see in the capture, iOS 10 Golden Master weighs 1.96GB on an iPhone 6 Plus, so you can not rule that have included some interesting news. In any case, it is also normal to have this weight because what we are downloading now is all the operating system and not just a few changes. If we discover a remarkable novelty, we will not hesitate to write an article, or more.

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