With the arrival of a new operating system, regardless of who the developer is, it always carries new wallpapers, wallpapers that many users want to use on their devices as soon as possible. iOS 12 comes hand in hand with a new wallpaper.
Taking into account that the public beta has already reach developers this month, and that the only available beta limited to developers, if you want to enjoy this new wallpaper, without risking the security of your equipment by installing a certificate of developer of suspicious origin, check the links below.
The new wallpaper of iOS 12, is available in a resolution of 3200 x 3200, so we can use it not only on our iPhone and iPad, but we can also set it as wallpaper on our PC, Mac or Android phone , adapting to all resolutions without any problem. At the end of this article you will find a thumbnail of the wallpaper. To download it you just have to click on the thumbnail to open it in full screen and then click on Download original.
Once we have downloaded and stored directly on the reel of our device, we just have to open the reel and open the image in question. Then, click on the share button and select Wallpaper. Next, iOS will ask if we want to use it only as wallpaper or also in the lock screen.
Download: iPhone
Download iPhone
Download iPad

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