iOS-7-1In the Monday, March 10 , five months after the release of the first beta version of the update iOS 7.1, Apple has released the final version of the firmware . Install the update is possible on mobile devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 7.1 was in the testing phase since November last year . Firmware is a significant software upgrade platform that focuses on innovations in the field of user interface and functional OS. Key changes in iOS 7.1 are support for technology CarPlay and advanced voice assistant Siri.

The main objective function CarPlay – easier to use  Apple technology in cars. Now make calls, use the maps with navigation, switch tracks in the player and work with messages in the iPhone and iPad can be using the touch screen on the dashboard of a car . As the main mode of interaction assumed to voice commands , which handles assistant Siri, the built- in iOS.

ios-7-1-screenshotIn iOS 7.1 introduces a new way to call Siri. Now you can manually control when the personal assistant should start listening to the user holding down the “Home” . This scenario is an alternative to the existing version. In addition, Apple has implemented a new, more natural-sounding male and female voices mandarin , British and Australian English, and Japanese.

A number of innovations in iOS 7.1 concerns only flagship device iPhone 5s. So , learned native camera automatically activates the photo shoot with high dynamic range (HDR), and fingerprints have become recognized more accurately.


Among other innovations iOS 7.1 is worth noting the updated interface routines ” Telephone “, ” Messages », FaceTime and ” Keyboard .” Users who installed the update report on improving the overall performance of the devices on the new OS .

Other features of iOS 7.1:

iTunes Radio

  • Presented by the search field on the ” Lists stations” so you can easily create a station based on a favorite artist or song.
  • Shows the function of buying albums touch of a button on the screen to “perform .”
  • Shows the function of subscription iTunes Match with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, iTunes Radio to listen without advertising .


Added ability to display events on the viewing screen of the month.
Shows the function to automatically add holidays individual countries available for a number of countries .
universal access

  • The ” Bold ” is now available for the keyboard , a calculator and a number of glyph icons.
  • The ” Reduction of motion ” is now available for the program ” Weather “, ” Messages” , as well as multitasking

Animation interface.

  • Added options for display forms buttons darkening colors in the programs , as well as lowering the white point


  • Added a setting to automatically turn on HDR in the ” Camera ” on iPhone 5s.
  • Added support for iCloud Keychain several countries.
  • Shows the function of automatic cleaning notification calls FaceTime, when you answer a call on another device.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the failure of the home screen .
  • Improved fingerprint recognition Touch ID.
  • Improved performance of the iPhone 4.
  • Fixed display in Mail stickers with the number of unread messages more than 10,000 .

Install iOS 7.1 you can go to setting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or downloading the update on the links at the end of the article and the application using iTunes. It should be remembered that at the moment there is no software tools to jailbreak iOS 7.1, so everyone who expects to have access to the store Cydia should refrain from installing the firmware. The links are found on our download page.

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