With the delay, Apple has just released iOS GM 9, over a month after the beta 5, along with the watchOS 9 and 2 and the first beta of iOS 9.1, available to registered developers. This new version numbered “13A340” should normally fix several bugs, and maybe the problems of the battery life. You have to report that several beta 5 was causing application crashes. We’ll see if Apple has intervened in this regard.

There are still things we will not know until the first official version is released, for example, if the virtual trackpad on the keyboard will be available or not. Rumors are circulating that this function is available only with 3D touch screens, so they would stay out all devices that are now available, although it is very unlikely to be met. Currently, the virtual trackpad itself is available on the iPad and have not announced the keynote of last June if it were only to be available on devices that had not yet been submitted, but I can be wrong. Anyway, on September 16 it is that we have to make our calendar.

Go to the Dev Center to get a copy of iOS 9 GM

The iOS 9.1 also brings the program and build “13B5110e”.

We will come back later with a new section to list of all the new features of this latest beta.

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