Download iTunes 12.5.3 For Windows And Mac



Apple surprises us with the iTunes 12.5.3 update. This update is available for Windows and MacOS. What more can we ask for? Betas and a final version were released yesterday, so the Cupertino reaffirm their commitment to providing software that is optimized for devices.


As we can see in the picture, fix errors that are similar to the previous update 12.5.2. The problems come into play albums unexpected orders that did not appear besides the lyrics to listen to the station Beats 1.

Apple possibly we are hiding some aspects of this update, which come to be mainly for safety. Recall that Apple has lately seen the need to launch some updates quickly because they are covering several security holes.

What could affect iTunes? In addition to performance, possibly Apple Music service is the main thing, because here there is a data offer a paid service. Personally, the experience with the arrival of iTunes from Apple Music has been successful, so I think this is a routine update, but without neglecting the security that is most importante.iTunes in MacBook

Remember to always update to the latest versions, it is very important for the functioning of the entire application happens in complete order. What do you think the performance of the current version of iTunes? Give us your opinions in our comment box below.

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