Apple has just launched its new software version for Mac, Mac OS Sierra, with many important developments, and for all audiences. The most important new features and everything you need to know about this new Mac version in this article, but first, we recommend you read this other article to prepare your Mac for macOS Sierra.

Sierra macOS does not appear as an update, but as an app. You need to find “macOS Sierra” in section Search and you’ll have available. Along with macOS Sierra, Safari 10 has been released for various versions of Mac, including El Capitan and Yosemite.

macOS Sierra is available from the Mac App Store

macos sierra

macOS Sierra Compatibility

First we would like to let you know that this new version is available for the following Mac models.

  • MacBook : All from  2009  onwards .
  • MacBook Air : All from  2010  onwards .
  • MacBook Pro : Everyone from the  2010 onwards .
  • iMac : all from  2009  onwards .
  • Mac mini : All from  2010 onwards .
  • Mac Pro : Everyone from the  2010 onwards .

So if your Mac is not on this list, you can not update official macOS Sierra, if you do not know where to find the version of your Mac, just go to the menu bar, select the apple logo and click on ” About this Mac ” where the Mac model which we are using appears.

Siri coming to the Mac

Best of macOS Sierra is Siri, the voice assistant decided to enter our Mac and help with certain essential tasks such as tell the time , search for images through the web, search for files or documents within our Mac, etc. We assume that the opening of Siri on the Mac will come in future versions of MacOS, but their arrival and represents a major leap in quality to the system.

Unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

To access Siri and the full potential of your Mac, you ‘ll need to unlock it , for that Apple has decided you can do it without fail to enter the password, simply having the Apple Watch on your wrist and ready , your Mac will be at your fingertips .

Apple Pay

macOS Sierra is available as a free-of-charge download from the Mac App Store right nowApple Pay comes to your Mac through macOS Sierra, you can not take your Mac to a store to pay with this device, but from now you can pay for your purchases through web pages thanks to Apple ‘s payment method. You only need to identify yourself through your iPhone and its fingerprint sensor and ready fingerprints, your purchase paid through the Mac in seconds.

Picture in Picture

This is my favorite feature, Apple has decided to bring this feature of the iPad to our Mac, and now we can play a video in the background while performing other functions, it is that we can move videos from the web and elsewhere, anywhere desktop and do other tasks simultaneously.

Storage iCloud and Mac

When you have little disk space on your Mac, macOS Sierra will be able to erase useless files, cache, old attachments and a thousand other things to increase your available space. And thanks to iCloud, iOS macOS Sierra and 10 will be more connected than ever as both operating systems share the same universal clipboard .

Other features like the ability to copy something in our iOS device and then paste it on our Mac , or renewal applications Photos and Messages to adapt to the novelties introduced by Apple in iOS 10, are just some features that will make us experience an improvement in developments in our Mac software.

Before upgrading to macOS Sierra just follow , our tutorial step by step to help you with your Mac for macOS Sierra and go to the Mac App Store and download macOS Sierra on your Mac, easy, simple and in a few minutes and enjoy all the news of this new update macOS.

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