Download March 21 Apple event wallpapers: “Let us loop you in”



Apple sent out media invitation for the event that will take place next March 21 a couple days ago. It’s uncertain about the reason why Apple took so long to send this invitation, because normally, it is sent within 15 days ahead of the Apple keynote event.

Apple cares much about the design of all invitations from events organized throughout the year, usually not much. Many users who like to collect the images used in them to make their own compositions or simply to use as background on your devices.

At the end of this article, you will find the image used on invites, if you are interested in downloading the wallpaper.The image has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, occupies just under 200 kb and is compatible with screen iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We can also use this image on your Mac, but being designed vertically, we’ll have to cut it to fit the screen, so we will lose resolution unless the giremos image and we use without trim.

To download the image only you have to click on the thumbnail and once opened you hold your finger on the screen until the option appears Download image to be saved. Once saved, all you have to do is go to the Photos application, place the picture and click on the lower left button to display the available options. Of all these options we must look Wallpaper and set if we want the image to be the bottom of the screen or even the bottom of the screen block.

These wallpapers are courtesy of @AR72014.

Apple march event

Download iPhone: without slogan; with slogan iPhone

apple watch march event

Download Apple Watch: without slogan; with slogan


Download Rose Gold mod: iPhone; Apple Watch

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