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For some time the Cupertino did not offer free applications from the application of Apple Store, this offer will expire on July 28… From less than 24 hours, you can download Procreate sketching app  without paying a penny , an application that allows us to draw using various tools (compatible with 3D Touch and the layout will be thick or thin depending on the pressure we apply) if the we want to download from the App Store without taking advantage of the current promotion will have to pay $2.99

It seems important to say a thousand times that to download the application of this and similar promotions have to do it from the the Apple Store app. It would not be the first time a user complains that want to download the application of this promotion and is not free, but that’s because it tries to download it from the App Store. This promotion Apple is to have installed the application from Apple Store.


Step 1: Open the application from Apple Store. Again, it is important to remember that the application is from the Apple Store app and not the App store. To avoid confusion, the application is as follows:

Appe Store App

Step 2: From the outstanding tab, slid down until you see the application icon.IMG_2555
Step 3: Download Procreate.
Step 4: Now we play at the bottom, in white text on a green background that puts download free.IMG_2557
Step 5: In the pop-up, press Continue.
Step 6: Then put your Apple ID password.IMG_2558
Step 7: In the next window, click on Redeem.
Step 8: Finally, click OK to exit.

If you have done everything right, you should be able to enjoy Procreate sketching on your iOS device. Tell us in the comment below what you think of the application or better yet, add links to your creations

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