Dragon TV: Nuance faster than Apple’s voice control for television


Nuance, the provider of speech reputation expertise in Apple's Siri, has announced that they have a voice-activated television platform developed.The special is that Dragon TV with your voice in natural language can control.Nuance, ahead of Apple, which is frequently suggested that they are working on a TV with voice control.Dragon TV, users can search content by channel number, the name of the station, the TV show or movie to speak. 

Like Siri, you're all free to use words such as "find comedy in Austin Powers", "when is Ellen?" Or "go to RTL 4". 
What support is concerned, virtually all platforms supported, including Linux, Android and iOS.

Dragon TV is in TVs, set-top boxes and other TV-related devices are processed. Concrete products are not there yet, because they will have to develop third party, such as OEM TV makers. One poss
ibility is that the Apple TV Dragon Technology in an Apple HDTV use.

Besides searching for TV shows and channels are also social functions and messaging features like email, Twitter, Skype and Facebook. Even those with the voice control. Like Siri, you can say: "Send a message to Julie", followed by the desired text. Music playback is possible with a command like "Play David Guetta". Nuance's solution also fits nicely with the requirements of governments and other authorities to facilitate the accessibility for persons with disabilities. You do not able to use a remote to control your TV.


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