Draw One thing presently has most likely tens of millions of downloads, but this does not mean the game is played by so many people. Although the number of monthly players has increased, the number of daily users have fallen sharply. This would indicate that fewer players per month to start the game and make drawings to guess.


This can be concluded from using data from AppData , a service that Facebook logins can see how often an app is used. The results will not be hundred percent accurate: Draw Something you can also play without using the Facebook connectivity of the game.

Since the number of monthly users still high, and OMGPOP Zynga will probably not worry. The data however show how the hype around the game which seems to calm down: Draw Something although on many smartphones installed, the game is not played much. The data from AppData are not entirely unexpected: earlier this month concluded a study a yet that Dutch Draw Something faster than Wordfeud tired.

Draw Something did in a short time to collect tens of millions of downloads. This ultimately led to that Zynga, known among other Farmville, developer OMGPOP bought for $ 200 million.


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