Quickly after the acquisition of Draw Something, Zynga announced its an update of the popular game character. In the update you will find three major new features: comment on drawings, the ability to save your drawing and sharing your drawing via Facebook or Twitter. Also added the ability to erase the last drawn line. That applies only to the last line, it is not full undo feature where you can go back several steps. With a pull to refresh feature allows you to clearly see if the list of open games up to date.


In the update, Zynga has more than 20 names of famous artists to be added. So Kate Winslet added because the 100 years since the Titanic sank. Mad Men is added as a popular TV show.But it does not, because every week there are old words from the game reached and new added.The makers therefore look to newly released movies, music charts and other popular culture. At any given moment there are about 20 names of artists in the game. With 50 million downloads in 50 days, the game is a huge success. The sam
e goes for the makers, who earned nearly $ 200 million in sales to Zynga. 
In recent times, there are signs that more and more people quit the game, although there will always new added.


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