Dropbox cloud storage service has been compromised



Hacking accounts on the network, unfortunately, has become a commonplace. Often before hackers can not resist not only protected on all fronts accounts iCloud, but also highly regarded cloud storage. According to the Next Web is one of the most popular remote storage service Dropbox has been compromised. Hackers gained access to more than 7 million accounts.

On the Pastebin site published a list of 400 usernames and passwords to user accounts Dropbox. For getting more information, scammers ask for remuneration in the form of transfer kriptovalyuty Bitcoin on your own wallet. Representatives Dropbox responded immediately and published an open message, denying any hacking:

“Service Dropbox has not been broken. Published a list of usernames and passwords has been borrowed from other resources, but we have managed to prevent this leakage and access to these accounts was banned. Specified in the message passwords are no longer valid “

Despite the official statements by the service, the fate of the other 7 million accounts in question. The company’s servers were hacked, but by guessing passwords and other fraud, hackers can still access my account.



A few days ago, hackers managed to gain access to a database of thousands of people who use the service Snapchat. The network has flowed many pictures of members. In any case, if you use one of the services (Dropbox, Snapchat), it is strongly recommended to change the password using several registers, letters and numbers. The risk of breaking a complex password is much lower

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