Dropbox now available for businesses


Dropbox is on the rise for some time. This is not the only service to offer an online storage space,  but it does seem to benefit from a sacred capital sympathy.And if its founder looks forward to impose everywhere and win on all fronts and it has just launched a version of its service, which is this time … business. All with large pieces of security and cooperation in, necessarily … So if you're a small business and you have the means to your goals, for sure, the new solution may interest you.


Dropbox for companies like as two drops of water to the solution as we already know for a while. This tool will therefore enable employees to share files , enjoy the web version of the service but also of its desktop and mobile applications and all through a secure connection story of the wicked can not get hold of these valuable data. Brrr, because the web is full of ugly people is the same Christine Albanel, who had first told elsewhere. Basically, the only thing that chance with Dropbox for companies is the price, obviously, and also the number of users, of course.

As to take advantage of this solution, it will still pay a minimum of $795 per year . Ooch, it stings a little, right? And with this subscription includes only 5 users. If your staff have over the world and want to add a few more employees or Teddy, the student of the third kind, it will cost $125 more per head pipe . And for that price, of course, you can enjoy a comfortable storage space … Go 1000 . We agree, it's not huge and can probably do better elsewhere, but Dropbox is good ..


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