Dropbox has today announced that Pro version of its software with a free double storage has been released. Existing accounts of 50 and 100 GB get an automatic upgrade to 100 and 200 GB. Moreover, today, a 500 GB account was made available with this new version. Dropbox for iOS users is relevant because many apps offer synchronization capabilities with the online storage. There are apps where you can automatically send captured images to your Dropbox account, so you always have a backup.


The official Dropbox app for the iPhone is supported as well . There are thousands of apps that use Dropbox as a central storage for music, data, text documents and PDFs. People who use automatic uploads get 500 MB free . The more pictures and videos you upload, the more free storage you get. The free account can thereby increased to 3 GB.

Need even more storage space, then switch to Pro accounts or get extra stora
ge when you use the referal program to recommend it , you earn between 250 and 500 MB additional storage.


Furthermore, the standard account remains free account with 2 GB, which can be expanded by other voluntary services to up to 18 GB. Who wants to spend $9.99 per month or $99 a year. For $19.99  per month or $199  per year, you get up to 100 GB of Dropbox cloud storage.


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