Dropbox to stop supporting OS X 10.5 and older versions



Dropbox company sent a letter to some users that the customer service of the same name for OS X will soon cease to support a number of versions of the operating system.

In particular, we are on OS X 10.5 Leopard, released in October 2007 and is actively updated to August 2009. Earlier versions also support Mac-client Dropbox will not. This will take place on May 18 this year, so it’s time for the preparation and installation of a new OS is still there.

Please note that we are talking only about the client for OS X. That is, all the files stored in the cloud and will remain there, but access to them on OS X 10.5 and older, after May 18 could be carried out only through a web browser client . Even if the system will be installed Mac-version of Dropbox, users will not be able to enter the old OS service

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