Duet Display turns iPad into a second monitor for Mac



Display Duet is one of those applications that if you keep your promises will be facing one of the most useful applications in a while, is that what it offers is not something new, but offers the opportunity to dust off our old iPad or iPhone to give use as a second screen on your Mac. Duet Display created Raul Dewan, a former employee of Apple,  working to create iPad and iMac. About his new project, he told Business Insider:

“If you have an iPad, you already have that second screen. With Duet, you can finally use it. Otherwise, your $700 device is just sitting there. While other apps like Air Display already exist that will turn your iPad into a second display, those apps connect your iPad to your Mac using wi-fi, which leads to a lot of lag. Duet Display, on the other hand, has zero lag, and it also offers a true Retina resolution that takes full advantage of the iPad’s HD display”.  “

Such a decision would be useful for working in the creative professions: artists, designers, photographers, etc. In addition to increasing productivity, do not forget that if you use the iPad as a second display, you will be available touch control.

Similar app already  exist in the market like Duet Display products, however, have considered the application has a significant advantage – the connection with the tablet computer is established by cable, not Wi-Fi connection (as in the Air Display, and other programs). Thus removed concomitant delay in the work with the iPad, which will avoid some inconvenience.

Duet Display also has a power-saving mode, which is useful for users with older Mac. In addition you can choose between standard and Retina-resolution (to the system is not a drag on while working with a resolution Retina course you need a newer Mac). Users will also be able to switch between the update rate of 30 Hz and 60 Hz.

Duet Display uses the application necessary to simply load on the tablet and the computer, and then restart your Mac. When working with the iPad as a second display – the tablet supports both portrait and landscape mode.

You can also use your tablet as a single display Mac, but for this you have to get out of the login on the computer. Duet Display application is available for download on the official website development or the online App store.

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