Durability Tests Between The iPhone SE Vs iPhone 6s / 6s Plus



Recently Apple introduced the iPhone SE in the market, while people are waiting for the next generation coming this Fall, the durability of the new Apple smartphone should not be disregarded when faced to its predecessors; the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus models. SquareTrade is a company dedicated to making different resistance tests the market leading mobile phones and in this case has had the iPhone SE go through their laboratories, with not very good results. Maybe the new iPhone  SE model with 4-inch screen, with its “affordable” price, is the right choice for a lot of users, but everything has its price.

The evidence submitted on the iPhones are clear. It is very sensitive to water, hold a few seconds under water without stop working. The iPhone 6S Plus and S6 are not waterproof on paper, yet they are so constructed such that hold between 10 and 30 minutes submerged and suffering minor damage.

Speaking of aluminum which are built these terminals, the metal used in the manufacture of the iPhone is much more “weaker” than their older brothers iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. They have also carried out the famous drop tests, the iPhone comes out badly in all and left several scars on his body that will be for life.iPhone SE Vs iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

And it is famous the machine used for “numbers” resistance to bend an iPhone, for the new Apple smartphone, it only holds 178 pounds of pressure, some laughter when compared again with the previous smartphones of the brand, with this pressure slightly bend without breaking by any of its parts. Below, there’s the video of the company with the various tests and results.

The fame of the iPhone 5S fragile also been inherited by the iPhone, something incomprehensible, since when releasing a new finish inspired (equals) in one of your models, it is logical to correct the errors of the model that has inspired .

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